Climate gradient example - increasing aridity

Plant Selection and Sourcing for Future Climate

Plant Selection and Sourcing for Future Climate — an action planning workshop for landcare growers and nurseries — was held on 5 October 2018 at Tootsie Fine Art & Design, Yass. The workshop was hosted by Bowning-Bookham Landcare and sponsored by the NSW Environmental Trust.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring landcare nurseries, growers and scientists together to develop action plan/s for sourcing seed and plants for habitat hops and linkages that will survive and thrive long into the future.
While the climate-ready revegetation guide gives natural resource managers tools to understand the uncertainties of climate, we need to turn these ideas into reality so that the seed and plants we grow for our habitat hops and linkages have a good chance of surviving into the future where the weather will be hotter, more variable and less predictable.  

The purpose of working together is to help us support the local environment to adapt to the changes in climate, which needs a larger network, resources and projects to achieve it than each individual or group can implement.

To do this we need seeds and people to collect, grow, plant, and advise as well as sites and resources to make it happen.

Our landcare nurseries need an action plan to decide not just what seed or plants will suit the climate, but also how to source and grow these species.

Stay tuned for updates about how you and your group can be involved in this exciting project.

Hancock, N., Harris, R., Broadhurst, L. and Hughes, L. 2018. Climate-ready revegetation. A guide for natural resource managers. Version 2. Macquarie University, Sydney.

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