Acquiring Plants from our Nurseries - Plant Request Process

Needing plants for your autumn revegetation project? Yass Area Landcare Group (YAN) Nurseries are excited to offer over 40 carefully selected species of plants that align with our commitment to produce plants that are suitable not just for our local climate now but in the future. Our dedicated volunteers grow these plants in our nurseries, ensuring they are well-suited for the local climate and ecology. To make the plant acquisition process seamless for landholders like you, we have outline the key steps:

  1. Plant Requesting: Select the species or landscape mix you desire for your revegetation project using our easy plant requesting form.
  2. Plant Collection: Once your plant request is confirmed, mark the dates for plant collection to ensure you receive your chosen plants at the right time for planting.
  3. Returning Tubes, Frames, and Boxes: Help us maintain our sustainable practices and keep costs low by returning the used tubes, frames, and boxes to your local nursery.
  4. Monitoring Your Planting: Stay engaged in the growth of your revegetation project by monitoring the progress of your plants and contribute information to help refine future species selection for you and others in the community.

For additional details and assistance, feel free to reach out to your local nursery team. Together, let's contribute to a vibrant, biodiverse and more resilient landscape!

Plant Requesting
If you would like to use plants grown in our nurseries in your next project you can place a request for plants by completing this form.  The nursery teams will do their best to match your request to the stock they have available in that season.

You can choose a LANDSCAPE MIX 

A Landscape Mix is a mix of various species selected by local Landcare experts to suit four different landscapes:

RIDGES – dry forest on poor shallower soils, upper slopes & rocky ridges. (comprising about 25% eucalypts, 15% other trees, 50% acacias and other shrubs, 10% flowers and grasses)

SLOPES – grassy woodland & forest on better soils and mid to lower slopes & flats. (comprising about 20% eucalypts, 60% acacias, 20% flowers and grasses)

RIPARIAN – damp sites including streambanks, dams & damp areas on flats. (comprising about 20% eucalypts, 50% acacias and other shrubs, 30% flowers and grasses)

GARDEN – garden sites close to a house. (comprising about 10% trees, 45% acacias and other shrubs, 45% flowers and grasses)

You can simply choose which landscape mix will suit your property, and we will provide you with a mix of species and types of plants.

Below is a list of the likely plants in each Landscape Mix

YAN Nursery Plant List (by Landscape)

Depending on availability this may vary and other suitable plants may be included.

And/ or You can choose a particular SPECIES
You can also request particular species, either as well as landscape mixes, or instead of.
Particular species will be available if we have sufficient stock. Please note that we can’t always provide a particular species depending on growing conditions and other factors. Please tell us if you would like any substitution plants if we do not have sufficient stock for a particular species.
A full list of the species that our nurseries grow each season is below and there may be others available from time to time through the individual nurseries.

A list of species grown in our nurseries

YAN Nursery Plant List (by Species)

Nursery Price List
A current list of tube stock prices and other costs for each nursery

YAN Nursery Price List (Jan 2024)
Plant Collection
Returning Tubes & Frames
Monitoring Your Planting

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