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The Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups

Our mission is to facilitate the development of Landcare in the region and represent regional
Landcare with regional, Government and private industry stakeholders.

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The Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups (YAN)

Landcare is a national community-based movement driven by volunteers around Australia who are working to improve their local environment.
Landcare activities are diverse, and include things such as: creating more productive and sustainable farms, improving water quality, addressing erosion and salinity problems, improving biodiversity and soil health, addressing the loss of Australian wildlife, and adapting to the effects of climate change through the native plants grown across our Landcare plant nurseries.

Within the Yass area there are five active Landcare groups. All maintain an active program and welcome new members.

The Landcare Group members of YAN are:

In addition, YAN maintains a close relationship with neighbouring Landcare groups and networks.  

YAN sponsors group and regional Landcare awards - one of which is the John Betts Award.


From the Blog

25 January 2023

Yass Landcare Community nursery will be having a native seed cleaning and extraction workshop on Saturday 11 February from 9.30 at 1428 Yass Valley Way behind the Yass Community Centre or Yass

02 December 2022

This is a small, upright evergreen tree, usually with a rounded crown. The bark is grey-brown and furrowed. Leaves are tiny pointed scales arranged around pendulous branchlets. On male trees,

02 December 2022

Allocasuarina littoralis, commonly known as Black Sheoak, Black She-oak, or River Black-oak, is an endemic medium-sized Australian tree. The seeds of this species have been found to be a


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