The Habitat Hops project aims to establish a 50km long habitat zone between the Burrinjuck and Bango Nature Reserves by growing and protecting native vegetation plots or ‘hops’ in the district of Bango, Bowning, Bookham and the surrounds.

Why was the project established?

Native habitats within the district have been in decline or have been disconnected having adverse affects on native flora and fauna populations. Landscapes have become exposed over time with changing climatic conditions and livestock management practices. This impacts both the land itself; with increased erosion, reduced water infiltration and diminished soil health; and the adjacent livestock operations, due to less resilient grazing ecosystems.

Aims of the program

The Habitat Hops program sets to protect and establish areas of native vegetation across the district. In doing so, creating a healthy, self-sustaining, biodiverse and connected habitat which assists in protecting the landscape as well as benefiting livestock operations.

What are we doing?

Working together in a fun and impactful way to protect areas of native vegetation in the district. Along the way learning about our local plants and animals and how to work with them to create a healthy landscape. Some of the activities include;
   - Planting days
   - Educational days/ paddock walks
   - Regular visits to demonstrations sites

How to get involved

As a Landholder . . .

You can commit some of your property to either establish or protect native vegetation. In return you may be eligible for a financial subsidy which goes toward the establishment of the protected area. You can also;
   - Access a wide variety of plants from our nurseries;
   - Get the use of equipment to assist in the plots establishment
   - Attend the educational support and field days/ paddock walks; and
   - Enjoy the wider social and practical support our Landcare group provides.

More information can be found in the Habitat Hops Landholder Information sheet  you can also email our coordinator Sarah [email protected]
and follow us on FacebookInstagram or YouTube where you'll find more information about upcoming events to support you.


Useful Documents

How to find the Lattitude and Longitude

As a Volunteer . . .
Making a financial contribution . . .
For more information on our Habitat Hops project or how to get involved please contact our Co-ordinator, Sarah by email [email protected] 

This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.


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