A visit to the National Botanic Gardens' nursery

YAN Nursery managers and volunteers recently visited the Australian National Botanical Gardens and Kathryn Scobie was our guide.  The ANBG main focus is to grow plants from cuttings to ensure correct plant genetics as the ANBG grows plants for Threatened Ecological Communities, for specific Save our Species plants, to establish and maintain permanently potted plants from which cuttings can be taken from, plus to grow plants for ANBG garden beds.  Nursery hygiene is critical and Kathryn told us how potting material and pots are stored and prepared.  Sowing via seed is only about 10% of their nursery work.  Our visit high-lighted several practices or products that our regional Landcare nurseries could adopt.  We are so lucky to be so close to Canberra and we will try to maintain contact with ANBG staff to ensure future visits.   

Yass Landcare's Paddock Tree Parade

Yass Landcare Group's environment weekend activity was a Tree Parade paddock walk. The event was well attended by local Landcare members and other residents from the region. This event displayed the results of the South East Local Land Services funded paddock tree project which has received overwhelming interest from Yass Valley residents and Landcare members during 2020 and 2021.

Yass High students plant trees on World Environment Day

Fitting for World Environment Day, on Friday 4th June, 25 grade 9 Geography students from Yass High got their hands dirty and helped a local landholder plant some 270 trees and shrubs. This was organised under Bowning-Bookham Landcare's Let's Try It project. The students learnt about the many benefits of planting native plants, including helping to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, providing habitat for native animals, providing shelter for stock, dealing with salinity, making the landscape more beautiful, and even providing extra income through the sale of foliage to florists!
The Let's Try It Project is funded and supported by NSW Government, South East Local Land Services, Yass Valley Council, and Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups.

Another Climate Ready trial planting

With all hands on deck, holes were dug and 84 trees and shrubs were planted, watered and protected with tree guards in no time flat!

This planting on Sunday 30th May was one of the last supporting trial sites for YAN's Climate Ready Revegetation Project. The trial has been designed to test whether there is any difference in the survival of plants grown from locally sourced seed compared with plants grown from seed from other areas (including areas with climates similar to what is projected for the Yass region under climate change). 

You can find out more about the project here


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