Some examples of Yass Landcare Group projects are:


Yass River Renewal

YLG members got together to remove massed willows on their sections of the  Yass River. The willows were removed, the river fenced off and replanted with native vegetation. Reeds, frogs and platypus have returned. Greening Australia, Yass Valley Council and the  Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority (MCMA)  have now turned this into a major project along the length of the river.


Gorgeous Gullies

Two innovative demonstration projects to repair gully erosion and improve soil health have been funded by Leighton Holdings through Landcare Australia. 



Hilltops, gullies and shelter belts have been planted with help from Greening Australia, MCMA and Conservation Volunteers Australia.


Grassy Box Woodlands

YLG members are participating in this MCMA program to preserve this valuable ecology.


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