Serrated Tussock

Many locals agree that the noxious weed serrated tussock is the most serious environmental and agricultural problem we face. Thatís why Jerrawa Creek Landcare joined the Upper Lachlan Shire Council and Lachlan CMA to launch the Tussock Tamers Project April 2010.

Can We Make a Difference to the Serrated Tussock Problem?
Jerrawa Creek Landcare and its partners in the Tussock Tamer project are sure we can.

Tussock Tamers is based on three beliefs.
Firstly, long term management of serrated tussock needs a well thought out plan that takes into account your particular area and circumstances.
Secondly, we can only make inroads into this problem if everybody works together.
Thirdly, it requires sustained effort by of all of us.

Tussock Tamers aims to create community awareness of the problem and gain commitment by everybody to make their best effort to tackle it. Thatís why Tussock Tamers is giving people the opportunity to join others in locally based short courses on natural resource management, weed control and property planning.

Current Incentive:
Win a free day of weed spraying on your property!
See Brochure

Coming UP

Our major gala field day coming up at Yellangalo in Ladevale (Lade Vale Road) on Saturday 9 March.  "From Hoes to Helicopters" It will feature a number of glittering attractions including a short demo of the new miracle Serrated Tussock weapon, granular flupropanate in the easy to use hand shaker pack, helicopter demo and free flight for a lucky winner and lots more.
Further details soon....

Further general Tussock Tamer information and application forms are in the PDF files linked below.

Tussock_Dodger & Join Form.pdf

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