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Tree Regrowth and Serrated Tussock control

Allowing thistles and other "weeds" are part of the regeneration strategy in this paddock that was a near monoculture of serrated tussock seven years ago. See a S.T. 'corpse' amongst now diverse vegetation.
Just a few metres away, exotic grasses and plantain have been recently sown at light rates to supplement native grasses but there was also a previous brassica clean crop and both glyphosate and flupropanate sprays. The plantain is said to be a valuable herb in these once compacted and naturally light acid soils, helping to improve water penetration and providing more pasture diversity
Further up the paddock a section of about one acre was fenced off (about seven years ago) when regenerating trees were noticed. In the fore ground some regeneration has occured outside the fence but not to the same degree. The paddock is control grazed with goats.
Goats will leave some trees alone while others they literally demolish. With the controled grazing (as compared to set grazing) some regrowth trees have establishing even through six very dry years.
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