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JCLG October Outings

Grasp your biro firmly and open your diary to Sunday October 23. Here are the details.
What.s On?
We are going to Norman and Margaret Hindley.s property Meriden for a casual self catered lunch and chat followed by a wander through a box gum grassy woodland with some do it yourself botanising amongst whatever wildflowers, orchids and the like nature provides on the day. When the conditions are right there can be some wonderful displays to be seen.
When? From midday on Sunday 23 October.
What to Bring?
[1] Bring whatever viands and beverages you prefer. A barbecue will be on hand for cooking or you might favour a cold collation.
[2] While Meriden has some chairs available it would be best to bring your own folding chair if possible.
Why Meriden? We are going to Meriden by popular request. We went there for a serrated tussock field day earlier this year and many people asked us to have a return visit so we could explore the box gum grassy woodland we saw in passing during that visit.
Where Is It? Meriden is at 2214 Boorowa Rd, Dalton. JCLG sandwich boards will sign post the way from Dalton.


Jerrawa Creek Landcare wins at Lachlan NRM awards 2011
Jerrawa Creek Landcare gained a third place in the state finals of the NSW Landcare Awards, congratulations all around for the dedicated and active Jerrawa Landcare Group.

Associated Activities
22nd/23rd October - Holistic Management with Graeme Hand

Local catchment officer Genevieve Reardon speaks very highly of Graeme Hand. So the following details she has supplied are really worth attention. You are invited to attend a FREE one day Grazing Management and Regenerating Native Grasslands Workshop:
Hear from renowned speaker Graeme Hand on how you can use your stock more effectively to:
Improve your pasture quality Reduce weeds without spraying Increase your carrying capacity Improve your water quality Also hear from Tony Cox (Project Officer, Industry and Development) on the digestibility of and how to get the maximum productivity from native pastures.
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity limited places available. Lunch provided.
Saturday 22nd October - 9am-3pm (Crookwell - Venue TBA) OR
Sunday 23rd October - 9am-3pm (Gunning - Venue TBA)
Contact Genevieve or Melissa for further information on 63851018.

Saturday 12 November Mundoonen Nature Reserve with Rainer Rehwinkel
Many of you will know Rainer Rehwinkel as an author of excellent native flora guides and a knowledgeable and gifted explainer of the wonders of our environment. We are very fortunate that Ranger Ian Radosavljevic has arranged for Rainer to lead us on a short visit to the Mundoonen Nature Reserve. We did this some years ago with a very large turnout who, among other things, saw a koala a species not previously confirmed as being in the area until then and the cause of great excitement to NPWS staff.
There will be full details in our next newsletter. For now though, just note an expected 0930 start on 12 November and there will still be time for you to get to the Uniting Church Flower Show later that day.

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