About Sutton Landcare

Sutton Landcare Group was established on 23 June 1997.  The initial focus was on weeds, trees and river care.

The major activities of the Group centre around talks by visiting experts on a wide range of land management and conservation issues.  Follow-on field trips are sometimes undertaken.  The Group has a long-standing commitment to ensure the well-being of the grassy box woodland area just east of Sutton school, known locally as "Sutton Common".

Meetings are held at Sutton Public School, normally on the second Tuesday of each even-munbered month. 
The usual  format is a short business meeting 7:30 - 8:00 pm, followed by a guest speaker presentation or some other activity, followed by supper.  Our meetings are advertised in several local newspapers so that any interested person has the opportunity to attend.

Main contacts are:

President:  David Vincent  ph 62303584
Secretary:  Tony Redman  ph 62303266
Treasurer:  Christine Pahlman.

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