YAN Strategic Plan

Members Program

  • Every member of our land care groups is a member of YAN
  • YAN will be characterised by our:
    • relevance
    • identity
    • visibility
  • Conduct a major event each year
  • Distribute annual report on progress
  • Rotate YAN meetings through all land care groups

Representation Program

  • Issue topical press releases
  • Engage with council and agencies
  • Generate submissions on relevant contentious issues
  • Develop an advocacy capability
  • Represent agriculturists
    • clean water
    • clean food
    • clean fibre

Education & Information Exchange Program

  • Compose and release YAN eNews twice monthly
  • Get more feedback on speakers that land carers want to hear
  • Support member Landcare groups to engage schools in land care projects as real “Applied Ecology” activities
  • Develop the YAN website and host/link to groups websites

Financial Program

  • Seek grants & sponsorship
  • Accumulate funds

($100,000 min target suggested for credibility & leverage)

Project Management Program

  • Identify “small cost” project opportunities
  • Establish project management capability
  • Review existing capacities /capability

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