John Betts Yass Region Landcare Award


John Betts was a foundation member of the Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups (YAN). Following John's passing, the Management Committee of YAN, in consultation with the Betts family, decided that a perpetual Landcare award be established in John Betts memory.

Perpetual Award

The Award is intended to stand in perpetuity and is fashioned into a timber shield constructed from an old strainer post from John Betts' property. The shield is affixed with the names of the award recipients.

Each recipient is presented a separate small medallion that they may keep as a personal memento. Their name is affixed to the perpetual shield plinth.

The Perpetual memorial shield will kept on public display at an appropriate place determined by the YAN.


The award may be presented to one or more outstanding landcarers across the Yass Valley, or elsewhere, at the discretion of the YAN management committee. The presentation of the award would normally be made in consultation with the Betts family where that is convenient.

The YAN management committee may seek nomination from the constituent Landcare groups, and/or other bodies considered appropriate. YAN may independently make nominations for the award each year. Where there are multiple nominations a suitably constituted meeting of the YAN management committee will determine the number of awards and who the recipients will be.

The intention is that only one award would be made each year for exceptional service rendered to Landcare across the broad Yass Region.

It is not necessary that an award be made each year if there are no appropriate nominations. Conversely multiple awards may be made on an occasion where the YAN management committee determined that this was appropriate.

Award Criteria

         The John Betts Landcare Award may be presented to a candidate who, in the opinion of the YAN management committee:

  • Exercised membership, or held an office with YAN or one of its constituent groups, with distinction.
  • Provided leadership or substantial service to Landcare or other associated natural resource management organisations, or other community based activities not inconsistent with the constitutional objectives of YAN
  • Provided significant service to the Landcare Community at some cost to their time or other personal resources usually over a period of several years.

         Generally landcare service in this context would be more associated with Group or Network activities so as to differentiate the John Betts award from the conventional and general Regional, States or National Landcare awards systems. However YAN is not precluded from nominating any candidate for the John Betts award for individual on-ground Landcare works where other award systems are not appropriate.


The power to rescind the award is reserved to the YAN management committee. This power would probably never need to be exercised and would only be contemplated in a blatant case of subsequent willful conduct by a recipient such as to cause considerable discredit to YAN or its constituent Groups and members or to cause Landcare generally to be disgraced or discredited.

Should YAN decide to rescind the award the recipient's details may be removed from the perpetual trophy and the recipient ordered to return their individual medal and certificate to YAN.

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